The factory covers an area of 18,000 m2.

Construction began in July 2011 and was completed in June 2012, featuring an operational building, a production workshop with eight closed, automated lines, and a system of research and control rooms. testing and warehouse space is ample.
The production line meets GMP standards

8 closed manufacturing lines designed to GMP, cGMP – WHO standards, ensuring great accuracy and safety at each stage of production, minimizing risks and mistakes, and delivering the best completed product.

Advanced auxiliary system

The HVAC system ensures that the manufacturing room fulfills GMP-WHO cleanliness levels D, C, B, and A.
Pure steam, distilled water system
Oil-free compressed air systems are imported from Germany and Japan
Large capacity RO water system meets GMP requirements and DĐVN pure water standards

Modern production equipment system

The synchronous soft capsule production line technology from Korea not only provides optimum performance, but it also helps to improve capsule quality, bioavailability, and longevity due to the combination flexible, sealed shell. Contrast compounds help to reduce the effect of light on the medication.
This is the most advanced tablet production equipment system available today, ensuring that tablets are uniform in weight, size, hardness, and so on. The blister press/bottle machine “isolates” completed items from humidity and light, ensuring the optimal storage conditions.
The fluidized bed dryer system, which operates on the basis of feed materials boiling, can promote moisture diffusion, speed up drying, and shorten drying times. This helps to keep moisture levels low and guarantees grain quality, best before moving on to the subsequent phase of production.
Including an automatic extraction – concentration system in a closed cycle, which aids in increasing capacity, speeding up extraction, and extracting more therapeutic compounds from medicinal herbs.
Including an automatic packaging system, a PE film packing machine, an electromagnetic induction welding machine, a labeling machine, and a box packing machine… Assists in increasing finished product production capacity.

The storage system complies with GSP requirements.

Environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, ventilation, light, garbage, insects…) are strictly regulated, as is the fire prevention system. Meracine’s warehouse system consistently adheres to the principles of excellent drug and raw material storage practices, offering a clean air system through quarterly raw material sampling.

Modern testing equipment system imported from Japan, Europe, America...

The Meracine factory’s testing laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology such as solubility analysis equipment, disintegration and hardness testers, grinding testers, density determination equipment, and so on. Imported entirely from Europe, the United States, and Japan. To increase speed and maintain impartiality, honesty, and accuracy of the product quality assessment process, we always adhere to the implementation of good practice principles in the GLP standard testing laboratory.