Meracine pharmaceutical
production and research
joint stock company




Yen Phong - Bac Ninh
industrial area




Modern, closed production line with high capacity that meets specifications


About 300 knowledgeable and skilled staff extremely specific and ongoing training


Reputable and
High-Quality Products

Vision – Core Values
– Business Philosophy


Meracine manufacture is positioned as a quality-leading domestic pharmaceutical firm, with products produced on a production line system that fulfills European standards.

Business Philosophy

We always place a high importance on the principles of goodwill, openness, and strict adherence in all areas of business, including product creation, documentation, input materials, manufacturing procedures, and quality control throughout the process.

Core values

Believing in kindness, respecting people and daring to change are the core values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Meracine manufacture aims for on the journey of discovering inner strength, to create the future for the health of Vietnamese people.

Quality medications

for healthcare missions

Meracine affirms our focused goal for health, committed to delivering the community safe, high-quality products made with current, international-standard production technology that is constantly researched, developed, and innovated.